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CY 2019 Quarter 1 Review

Published: (2 min read)
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It’s the end of Quarter 1 of 2019 now. It’s almost exactly a year since I published this post

I wrote a post earlier in the year talking about the goals I have for 2019

I mentioned in that post that I have a total of 20 goals for this year, I actually added one more to that list somewhere in the two weeks after that post.

Here’s how I’ve done on a top level across my categories of goals.

Overall I’m at 23.93% across all my goals, underachieving a little bit, should’ve been at 25%.
But, given that I’ve moved countries and tried (and failed from the looks of it) at starting up here, I think I’ll give myself a little leeway for this quarter.

Here’s how my habits look.

I’ve done really well with my reading habit while somewhat keeping pace in the others.

I’ve done not as well when it comes to my hobbies. Really not spent enough time on this.

I have however done some work on the blog that doesn’t really factor into this, e.g, moving from medium to jekyll was something I did just over the past week, but, I can’t really count that as time spent blogging.

True to its word, discipline is my saving grace for this year so far. I intend to put more effort into getting these numbers up, the benefits I’m getting as a result of these goals are phenomenal.

As for my custom goals, I’m keeping 3 of them ‘hidden’ for now, but, it’s going ok. These are my deeply personal goals so I don’t go too much into detail on them, but, I am doing pretty well on this.

To recap,

I’m at 23.93% overall, just 1.04% below 25% which was the minimum required for Q1. I actually set myself a target of 31.25%, so, I’ve fallen quite far behind.

I do think I’ve set myself a few really tough stretch goals this year, we’ll see how this goes haha.

Thank you for reading