I’ve thought about what I want to do in 2019 and defined some goals for myself for the year.

I’ve learnt a few nuances of how I operate from last year and have made some changes to my goals sheet. The previous one can be found through my previous post on this topic.

Here’s a link to my goals framework sheet for 2019.

Please feel free to make a copy of this, edit it however you want to and use it as you please.

I realised something about my goals from last year but, didn’t want to fix something that wasn’t broken and left it till this year to try out.

I realised that my goals were of different categories. I thought the categories were Effort, Output and ‘Custom’ but, they’re types of goals that can exist in different categories.

The categories I’ve gone for this year are:

  • Habits — Things that I already do that I want to continue doing on a regular basis
  • Hobbies — Things that I want to make sure I don’t lose touch with
  • Discipline — Things that I need to put effort into so that I don’t go off track
  • Custom — My other goals that have different types of checkpoints I have 5 goals in each category this year, amounting to 20 goals for the year that fit into the definition of Important, but Not Urgent.

I’ll reveal more about my goals at the end of each quarter.

I hope this is of help to somebody.

Thanks for reading