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CY 2019 Review

Published: (3 min read)
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It’s the end of another year now and its time to review what I’ve done over the past year.
It’s been an interesting year, not as good as the last one, but, has taught me some lessons to take into the future.

For last quarter’s update, please go here.

Here’s how I’ve done on a top level across my categories of goals.

Overall I’m at 81.27% across all my goals, which is not great at all, compared to last year, where I hit 91.19% across all my goals.
But, I also set some really ambitious stretch goals this time around so the comparison isn’t exact but, it is something to think about.

Taking a look at this category by category as usual.

When it comes to habits that I already have, I hit 92.38% for my habits overall and even completed 3/5 goals in this category.

I thought I’d be able to get this done completely but, hasn’t been the case.
I thought I spent a decent amount of time creating content this year but, the goal that I had set was a little too high I think, will be addressing that next year.

I’m at 74.62% for my hobbies.
Mostly helped by a last ditch push to spend more time playing the guitar.
I learnt to swim last year but, didn’t swim often enough this year for a variety of reasons, at the end of the day all of these are just excuses, easily could’ve done better.
I didn’t write as much as I thought I would on the blog either, but, I’m ok with that, I wrote some really long posts this year that if I had broken into smaller posts possibly would’ve increased this number, but, I didn’t want to write just for the sake of writing.

I did well with avoiding passive content this year, something I’m proud of and plan to continue in the future.
I hit my running goal and made some progress on reducing body fat.
I built a new habit in practicing pranayama this year, something that has helped me health wise quite a bit.
Otherwise, I’m at 84.69% overall, which is alright I guess.

I set some really hard goals this year for this part.
Something that I put some effort into and got done were the friends goals.
My other professional goals are mostly half done and will carry over into next year.
I tried starting up, didn’t work out so it doesn’t fully count, it counts for something though.
We’ll see how this pans out next year.


I’m at 81.27% overall, nearly 20% below the target for the year.
It’s been a weird year, too many things happening without much moving.
I could’ve done more this year, but, I’m happy with where I am.
Excited for the year to come.

Happy new year 2020!
Best of luck!

Thank you for reading