This was a little bit of a lean month in terms of reading.

For last month’s update, please go here.

Exactly the opposite when it comes to adding books to my reading list.

I ended up reading only two books this month:

  • Thinking, Fast and Slow — Daniel Kahneman Fascinating book, one of the best introductions to how much/how little we know of how the mind works. Some parts of the book have left me very scared with regards to the quality of my decision making and have left me question how objective/rational a person I really am. Definitely found myself relating to the two selves (theory?) and have begun introspecting of the validity of some of my memories. Tough book to read because in some ways its an open critique of who we all are. Bit of a Mungerism there, ‘Praise specifically, criticise generally’

  • The Heartfulness Way — Kamlesh. D. Patel, Joshua Pollock It was only chance that led me to reading this book. I like taking bus journeys because they give me time to read in broad daylight and I spent two consecutive journeys starting and ending this book. As someone who used to meditate quite a bit, lost touch and has been trying for a while now, this book is a godsend. Now its upto me to pick this great habit up once again.

Books being read right now:

  • Never split the difference — Christopher Vaz, Tahl Raz
  • Ethics — Aristotle
  • Human Universals — Donald Brown I did not end up reading a book a week this month, came up short by one book, will be ramping this up for next month to keep up the pace.

If you have any book recommendations please feel free to leave them below.