Tag: poetry

  • Stasis (24 Feb 2019)

    life is in standstill
    no problems are getting solved
    hold still take a breath

  • Mirror (11 Nov 2018)

    I look into my mirror,
    It has this nifty trick,
    If my question has no answer,
    My mirror becomes my shrink,

    ‘Simply to everyday rejoice,
    ‘is that the purpose of life?’

  • Some Limericks (30 Aug 2018)

    I’ve been experimenting with poetry writing. One of the things im trying to do is to take a poem format that is meant for emotion ‘x’ and use it in what i think is the exact opposite emotion.

  • A Walk in the Nighttime (26 Jun 2018)

    A walk in the nighttime, when the world is asleep,
    the sound of tomorrow, the stench of today,
    the path ahead is empty, while the world is counting sheep,

  • To Regret, With Love (20 Jun 2018)

    To regret with love, to regret, with love,
    The smell in the air, the whiff of yesterday,
    Moments that were lived, kept in a trove,

  • A poem for the new year (31 Dec 2017)

    As 2017 draws to a close,
    there’s less to thank for,
    much less to lose,
    life is much more unsure