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  • A Quiet Life (29 Nov 2020)

    This is a personal note and not a typical commentary on a genial topic as a post of mine usually is.
    I just wanted to put this out there because to me it marks a clear developmental milestone which I hope to briefly cover without getting into the details or the circumstances that came to pass that prompted such a milestone to be achieved.

  • Honneur sans Valeur (01 Nov 2020)

    This is a continuation of my assorted series of observations on how media and social media is transforming interactions between people in general and the impact it could have, along with some predictions on where this could go.

  • Nopacalypse (31 Jul 2020)

    There’s a fun show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, there’s one episode on it with a guy named Joel Hodgson that has recently come to my mind a lot, particularly one quote from the episode.

  • twenty tens (24 Dec 2019)

    I remember reading a post by Sam Altman on his blog called ‘The Days are long and the Decades are short’
    The lovely post is about him turning 30 which I definitely recommend you read. I remember reading it right as I finished college midway through this decade.

  • Outsourced virtue (27 Oct 2019)

    We need to stop outsourcing our virtues to governments.

  • Depedestal (22 Sep 2019)

    This is going to be a short post, just something that I learnt and have now started observing in other people that I think is worth calling out.

  • Manufactured Worry (17 Jul 2019)

    It’s been about a month since my last proper post here, I’ve been busy building something that I hopefully will be able to get out for a beta by the end of the month.

  • Love and Happiness (10 Jun 2019)

    I read 2 very interesting books in the past 3 months that investigated slightly tangential topics.
    One was by Bertrand Russell - The Conquest of Happiness and the other The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm.
    Both of these authors are giants in their own right and the books were necessarily brilliant and thought provoking.

  • No more noise ft App Recommendation (30 Apr 2019)

    I recently watched Avengers: Endgame, if you haven’t watched it yet, you should. It’s a lovely movie.
    It was also my 3rd for the year and only my 6th since Jan 2018. A far cry from where I started when I first started cutting out noise.

  • Money for Nothing (29 Apr 2019)

    A friend asked me to do a post on Universal Basic Income, a topic that has had it’s ups and downs.
    I thought I’d do an overview of UBI and basic income schemes in general and give my 2 cents on it.

  • Some realisations post reading deep work (13 Apr 2019)

    I recently read the book ‘Deep Work’ by Cal Newport, atleast 8 people have recommended the book to me in the past and for some reason I just never got around to it.

  • Be nice to yourself (10 Apr 2019)

    I’ve been having a certain type of conversation with some of my friends over the past year.

  • Avoiding Arguments (23 Mar 2019)

    I think over the past couple of years, I’ve learnt to avoid various types of pedantic/pointless arguments.

  • Some thoughts on life, liberty and, risk (07 Jan 2019)

    I’ve been thinking about something specific for the past month or so.

  • On all things silver (11 Dec 2018)

    I turned 25 recently. This is a post based on some reflections I’ve had over the past month and a half that I’ve been jotting down.

  • Right Wing and Left Wing (21 Sep 2018)

    This is a prelude to a youtube video i’m making.

  • Unshackle (19 Sep 2018)

    This might be my most disorganised and scatterbrain post yet.

  • Active vs Passive — Slight Return (31 Aug 2018)

    This is a follow up to my previous post on active and passive content.

  • No more noise — No more news — Update (02 Aug 2018)

    This is a follow up to my no more news post.

  • Learnings from reading the Incerto (31 Jul 2018)

    Well, it took me a year, but, I’m finally done with every part of the Incerto apart from the technical companion ( which I intend to read )

  • Some verses from the Gita (27 Jul 2018)

    I’ve not been reading enough Indian content. I decided to fix that and start with the Gita.

  • Goal Setting and Measuring (28 Jun 2018)

    I’ve had a few people who have asked me how I’m measuring what I’m doing and how to pick goals in general. I’m no expert in any of this, I’m just sharing what I’ve been upto here.

  • No more noise — No more news (21 Jun 2018)

    This is the third instalment in my series of posts on cutting out the noise from my life.

  • Active Idling (21 Jun 2018)

    Nope, you read that right. I think its important to be actively idle(lazy). It’s something I try to do once in a while.

  • Active vs Passive content (12 May 2018)

    This is something I’ve developed an opinion on over the past few years.

  • How to argue (10 May 2018)

    Ever been in an argument that just went in circles?

  • Reputations (09 May 2018)

    Growing up, I was always known at the angry kid.

  • Building barriers against procrastination — The effective way (16 Apr 2018)

    As a chronic procrastinator, I’ve been been working on figuring out how to be less of a procrastinator tomorrow.

  • Perception of Time — Living longer (27 Mar 2018)

    Ever notice how you perceive time to be shorter or longer even though the same amount of time passes everyday?

  • A few laws of the Internet and their applications in real life (25 Jan 2018)

    One of the things that I have noticed is how often some laws of the Internet tend to play out in real life as well.

  • No more noise (05 Mar 2017)

    I quit social media recently.

  • The Senses Left Behind (04 Aug 2016)

    We’re all taught that there are 5 senses. Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell and Taste.

  • A Propaganda less Social Platform (27 Jun 2016)

    The past 10 years have given us an insane number of online social platforms.

  • Life as a 3-D Graph (13 Jun 2016)

    I’ve been thinking about a simplistic way to think about life and its purpose.

  • The Role of Media (12 May 2016)

    When most people hear the word Media, they assume News Media.