I saw this cool thing on Derek Sivers’ blog.
It’s called a now page. This is the link to mine

So, here goes. This is my /now feature page.

I was in Singapore with a startup accelerator called Entrepreneur First.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me, I was trying to build a company in the education financing space and it didn’t go anywhere. I’ve paused it for now, maybe will revisit it in the future/try in other markets.

It was a good experience though, having never started up before, to go out and do that was interesting to say the least.

I’m now headed back to India for the time being, still going to try and start something soon.

The books I’m reading can be found on my goodreads page or on the sidebar in case you’re viewing this from a laptop.

I’m also working towards my goals for the year and I published an update on this at the end of Q1 2019.

If you think you have something you’d like to work with me on, do get in touch!

I plan to update this page once in a while, when things change significantly.

Thank you for reading