This is a page with a set of ideas that I’d like to work on at some point or right now.
If any of these interest you, shoot me an email or get in touch through my contact page.

  • A distributor platform for SaaS products catering towards SME’s

SaaS products keep coming and going, some get better some get worse, act as a distributor, pre-negotiate deals with products and go sell a la cartè packages to SME’s, taking a cut along the way for saving them money.

  • A marketplace for curated content*
    Something I’ve briefly tried doing and I don’t think its right time for it yet, look forward to being proven wrong.

  • ISA for university
    Implement ISA candidate selection, fund distribution and collection/forgiveness for universities. The university runs the fund, just help them manage it.

  • VR e-commerce Build tools to enable consumer focused products to showcase look and feel or products in a VR space, with interactivity etc.
    An example would be how heavy is this item to hold, what sort of sound does it make, how does it smell.

  • Foldable cars This is a cool idea that’s been on my mind for a while, I just it’ll be really cool if cars could fold into themselves, I know little to nothing in Automotive engineering and Material Science, but, if this is possible, it’ll be amazing.

  • Simplified projector for mobile world

  • Retro-fit fuel cars with electric drivetrains

  • Recreate accurate smell from one side to another over the internet

  • Simple Datasets with Visualisations as a service