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Weekly Bookmarks - Issue No 28

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Delayed by a day, but, scrambled and read a chunk of my backlog to put this together for the week.

With the war by Russia in Ukraine dominating mindspace, I did end up turning my attention more towards history than topics I normally would spend time on.

As always, all links on this newsletter can be found here.

History, Culture, and Religion

Where ‘Human Zoos’ Once Stood, A Belgian Museum Now Faces Its Colonial Past : NPR

When the Royal Museum for Central Africa reopens, it intends to finally confront a sordid part of Belgium’s history — the exploitation led by King Leopold II which killed millions in Congo.

This is quite recent history that I was simply unaware of.

Syriac Bible: Malabar To Cambridge

What is an ancient Biblical manuscript of India’s Syrian Christian community doing in a library in England? Join us on a journey from a remote village in Turkey to the Malabar coast and onward to the UK

This on the other hand is not so recent and is a fascinating look into early christian interactions with India.

Toshio Mori endured internment camps and overcame discrimination to become the first Japanese American to publish a book of fiction

On Dec. 2, 1941, a publication date was set for Mori’s first book. Five days later, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, upending the writer’s life and throwing the book’s publication into doubt.

On the topic of war and lessons to be learnt from it, don't ostracise a people for their leaders

Why Did the Schaibles Let Their Children Die? - Philadelphia Magazine

The DA says First Century Gospel Church members Herbert and Catherine Schaible watched their sons die. The Schaibles, however, say it was God’s will.

Reminded me of the book Educated by Tara Westover, what happens when you truly practice what is preached.

The Budapest Memorandum and U.S. Obligations

On the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the Budapest Memorandum, Steven Pifer, one of the negotiators of that document, writes that it is time for the Unites States to make good on the security assurances it made to Ukraine. Doing so could prevent future nuclear proliferation.

I don't particularly like Brookings, I do find that sometimes they come across as both apologists and slightly war-mongery but, I found this piece about the assurances provided to Ukraine interesting considering recent events.

Tech, Science, and Math

The Puzzling Power of Simple Arithmetic | Quanta Magazine

Playing with arithmetic can lead us to unexpected and profound discoveries that point toward deeper mathematics and sometimes even deeper science.

I used to love playing with numbers as a kid, something that I've only recently begun to do again, i loved this piece about the beauty in simple math.

Shopify’s Evolution – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Shopify should build an advertising business to complement Shop Pay and the Shopify Fulfillment Network

Stratechery on Shopify - excellent as always

Dance Your PhD 2022 WINNER: Electroporation of Yeast Cells

This video describes the PhD research of Dr. Povilas Šimonis in an artistic way. 1st verse discusses applications of yeast cells and how electric stimulation…

Apparently PhD candidates make music videos of their papers now? Super fun.

Nuclear-fusion reactor smashes energy record

The experimental Joint European Torus has doubled the record for the amount of energy made from fusing atoms — the process that powers the Sun.

In light of some news we're receiving about nuclear war these days I thought I'll highlight a positive from the past month as well.

Everything else

We’re Killing Ourselves with Work - Nautilus | Science Connected

Evolution favors less work and more leisure.

A theme that I like to pick on every once in a while.

On Meditation and the Unconscious: A Buddhist Monk and a Neuroscientist in Conversation | The MIT Press Reader

An excerpt from “Beyond the Self: Conversations between Buddhism and Neuroscience.”

Reminded me of a book I read about conversation with The Dalai Lama

Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on the Spiritual and Scientific Views of Our Minds by Dalai Lama XIV

Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience book. Read 7 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers. This book, designed as a conversation between the …

Anotov An-225 Mriya: Reports world’s largest plane destroyed at Hostomel airport | HeraldScotland

There are fears the world’s largest transport plane has been destroyed during fighting in Ukraine.

The largest plane in the world was a minor loss due to the ongoing war.

How I Learned French in 12 Months | Wesley Runnels

(Also posted on Medium)

I learned french last year, but, not to the level that this gentleman seems to have, all by himself as well, Challenge Accepted!

Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev Drops “Peter Hurt” NFT & Merch Collection

Simon is also represented by Mama June’s talent manager, Gina Rodriguez.

I saw the Tinder Swindler last week and Yikes, talk about staying true to your nickname.

Five Things You Notice When You Quit the News

I grew up believing that following the news makes you a better citizen. Eight years after having quit, that idea now seems ridiculous—that consuming a particularly unimaginative information product on a daily basis somehow makes you thoughtful and informed in […]

I try not to follow the news, most of my info is pull based and not push based, I found this piece nice to compare my current experience with quitting news in general and possible future consequences as well.

I penned my thoughts on this topic here

Multimode Image Viewer

Multimodal image viewer

Truly saved the best for last, have fun playing around with this 717 GB image of Rembrandt's Night Watch. Yes, you read that correctly - 717 GB


Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg

Several Short Sentences About Writing book. Read 418 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers. Most of what you think you know about writin…

This weeks recommendation is Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg. A lovely, short book about how to get better at writing.

Something I really should start putting into practice.

Thank you for reading

That’s all I have for this week.

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