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Weekly Bookmarks - Issue No 18

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I've finally gotten around to learning how Revue's editor works, it's pretty neat, looks much better! I will go back to older issues and edit them as well soon.

I've also decided to add a weekly book recommendation to this list.

As always, all links on this newsletter can be found here.

History, Culture, and Religion

One article about hustle culture and the lack of leisure, this is a theme on these bookmarks, a few more articles on this topic are available in previous issues.

The ‘Rise and Grind’ of Hustle Culture | Psychology Today

Your health and happiness depend on knowing if you’re a card-carrying member.

An interview with C.G. Jung himself!

Face To Face | Carl Gustav Jung (1959) HQ

Professor Jung is interviewed at his home in Switzerland by John Freeman.Theme music: excerpt from Les Francs-Juges by Berlioz, 1825.A lecture on Freud by Th…

An interesting article I came across that talks about the media's reaction to the COVID outbreak last year in the U.S.

Our Remarkable Media Bubble: The Location Edition - by zeynep - Insight

The striking lack of curiosity of last year

Tech, Science, and Math

It's kind of amazing how much of an impact Climate Change is having on the planet and us, and how little we seem to care about it.

Earth’s Atmosphere Is Retaining Heat Twice as Fast as It Did Just 15 Years Ago

These days it seems you can’t walk through a bookstore without bumping into a book or magazine pointing out the negative consequences of climate change. Everything from the hottest years on record to ruining astronomy can be tied to climate cha

One of the best articles I've read in recent times, I think it's best summarized as an overview of excellence and how you can make it happen in software.

Problem-Solving in Music, Art, Science & Software | Atomist Blog

Read Jessica Kerr’s audacious ideas about the present and future of software development. She addresses both the mental models and the origins of Opera.

@patrick_oshag's podcast w/ @balajis

As the summary below indicates, it's a lot but, it's worth spending the time to listen to it.

Optimizing Your Inputs - Colossus

Balaji Srinivasan is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. Balaji is known to challenge conventional wisdom, and he lives up to his reputation in this conversation. We discuss a wide variety of topics, including advancements in health tracking, ways to evaluate your own information diet, how technology is driving decentralization, and what that could mean for countries, corporations, and individuals.

I've been told I sometimes come across as a Crypto shill, in a way I am, but, I am quite aware that there could be blind spots to this world, one of my favourite critics of this is @smdiehl and he wrote something from a purely technological perspective last week.

The Non-Innovation of Cryptocurrency

Personal BlogI

Everything else

How the Economist creates its charts!

Off the Charts

Welcome to our weekly newsletter highlighting the best of The Economist’s data journalism. In Off the Charts we go behind the numbers to show you how our data team gathers, analyses and visualises data for our Graphic detail section and beyond.

As a bad sleeper, I found this reassuring.

The myth of the eight-hour sleep - BBC News

Sleeping in one eight-hour chunk is a very recent phenomenon, and lying awake at night could be good for you, according to scientists and historians.

People keep asking me to read more Murakami, and I've read one book by him, but, as someone who likes to write, I found this interesting.

Haruki Murakami’s Daily Routine: Up at 4:00 a.m., 5-6 Hours of Writing, Then a 10K Run | Open Culture

Photo via Wikimedia Commons Haruki Murakami has been famous as a novelist since the 1980s. But for a decade or two now, he’s become increasingly well known around the world as a novelist who runs. Open Culture,


Decided to start with a book by Hitchens for this section.

Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens

Letters to a Young Contrarian book. Read 704 reviews from the world’s largest community for readers. From bestselling author and provocateur Christopher …

Thank you for reading

That's all I have for this week.

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