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Weekly Bookmarks - Issue No 8

Published: (3 min read)
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Apologies for the delay in getting this out, it's been a crazy week-ish and I caught up on my reading only last night.

So, here goes.

As always, all links on this newsletter can be found here.

History, Culture, and Religion

One last war related link

This is a link to a specific video about how the allies cracked Japan's codes during WW2. The channel that published this video is following WW2 day by day as it happen and I think that's just amazing. It's beautifully narrated and very informative.

The problem of excess genius

An interesting historical/statistical answer or overview to the question :  "Why are some periods and places so astonishingly more productive than the rest?"

Tech, Science, and Math

The Slander Industry

This NYTimes articles is borderline tech because it speaks to the bad effects of people using tech to go after other people, it's a good read, but, not sure what the takeaways from it are. I guess, just be a good person AND try to be anonymous?

Physical Inactivity and COVID

A study I was looking forward to, I've severely bumped up my level of physical activity over the past couple of months and while I do want to be fit, I also saw several articles talking about why fitness is important to beat COVID. This study confirms that inactivity and COVID have a severe correlation, worth reading in brief or in detail, but, in general, go running!

Trapped on Technology's trailing edge

The effects of technology being orphaned and what happens to obsolete tech and the parts that go with it. As someone who is struggling to get rid of/use 10+ year old stuff I'm now far more conscious of what I buy.

Stablecoins - an Overview

Maybe the next step in Crypto? A possible algorithmic answer to the problem of Cryptocurrencies being too volatile.

Everything else

How the news took over reality

Interesting that a news website published this, about the culture of consuming news continuously and what its doing to us.

Inside Silicon Valley’s Dangerous Game of Occasionally Not Eating

I do a lot of fasting, sometimes 2/3 days at a time, so, I was surprised to come across this piece that spoke in detail about the culture surrounding fasting and the authors finding. If you're someone who does/wants to do intermittent fasting, do read.

History of the Suez Canal

After what happened at the Suez Canal in March, the NYTimes published this super detailed history of the Suez Canal, and how everything came to a stop due to just one ship.

Thank you for reading

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