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Weekly Bookmarks - Issue No 5

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This issue contains more non-tech links than usual.

I was discussing historical wars with a friend and we went down a youtube rabbit hole, so, there's a couple of videos that came out of that.

Anyway, here goes.

Tech, Science, and Math

Who are the makers of the Covishield vaccine in India, really?

A fascinating deep dive into the lives of this family on whose enterprise India's and a majority of the world's fight against the virus is depending on.

100-year predictions from the year 1900.

I love futurism as a topic, so many people trying to predict all this stuff way 0ut in the future, some of it becomes sci-fi, some becomes reality, and the rest get categorized as incorrect predictions.

This is a lovely article from 2012 by the BBC which goes through the predictions made by a little known engineer in the year 1900.

Who has social distancing/isolation over the past year affected the most?

A paper which illustrates something that most of us intuitively know, introverts in general had a better time while being locked down.

History, Culture, and Religion

What did the harappan people eat?

I haven't been able to find a link to the actual study, so, if anyone does come across the actual study, I would appreciate a link to it.

Now for some videos.

A news report from the year 1934 about the assassination of King Alexander of Yugoslavia

It should be noted that even though the report claims to have caught the assassination on tape, it only catches the general time period but not the actual moment.

My weekly Hitchens plug : Hitchens narrates the 1979 Iraq fascist coup

Hitchens is on record supporting the Iraq war and continued to hold that position even until his death. This might illustrate why he was perhaps immovable on this matter.

Everything else

The Choluteca Bridge

A bridge constructed by the US Army corps of Engineers in the 1930's over the Choluteca river. It was a replica of the Golden gate bridge.

Sadly, in the year 1998, a hurricane - Hurricane Mitch - struck Honduras and caused a flooding of the river which lead to the river being diverted, leaving the bridge with basically just land underneath it. I found it hilarious.

Why don't facts change our minds?

A newyorker article that explores the reasons behind why we don't change our minds when presented with new evidence to the contrary.

Romanian children who grew up without human contact

Under Romania's famous dictator Ceausescu, there was a policy to increase the no of children being born every year, unfortunately the economic condition of people did not improve as quickly, which led to the abandonment of children over the year.

Linked above is an Atlantic article on the lives of some of these orphans who grew up in some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable.

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