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Reading Update — September’19

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For last months update, please go here.

I’ve been delayed by about a week with Septembers update, I hope that doesn’t happen again.

I’m now at 53 books for the year, so, I’m done with my goal for the year, which is pretty cool.

I read 3 books in September.

They were:

I read ‘The Library of Babel’ earlier this year and made a note to read the entire set of short stories and by god was it worth it.

This is easily the most peculiar and delightful set of stories I’ve ever read, so easy to consume and as easy to interpret.

I highly recommend this. I read the translated version by Andrew Hurley - I was in Bangalore and found the book on my my ritualistic visit to Blossoms last month.

[Source : [Paperback]]

I went for a Vipassana course at the end of August, so, I wanted to understand the technique and its history better.

I like going back to source and exploring the concept from conception rather than reading interpretations, and this was the closest I could find.

Its lucidly and poetically written and as such was not very interesting, but, I think it warrants a second reading at the least.

[Source : Pariyatti]

My first business book for the year. Among the better biz books i’ve read.

Calls out the pseudoscience found in most popular biz, management books.
I’ve read books like ‘Good to Great’ or ‘Built to Last’ briefly and dropped them because I didn’t really find them to be that insightful ( I found them too preachy ) and I finally understood why.

I picked this up because Taleb recommended this a while ago, totally worth it.

[Source : Amazon]

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Thank you for reading what I’m reading