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Reading Update — August’19

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For last months update, please go here.

I read 4 books in August, bringing my total for the year upto 50. I would’ve read more, but, I’ve had an interesting experience over the past 10 days, more on that in a later post, as a result of which my month was cut short to 20 days.

They were:

I feel like every time I write one of these posts, I finish one book off the shelf that’s been around for atleast a year.
Our moon has blood clots is one such book. I finally picked it up and read it given the news around Kashmir.
The pain the author and other pandits have endured is just incredible, to be marked, singled out and sent away all while people you once knew jeer is hard for me to imagine.
Powerful book, a memoir and a reminder of what should never happen again.
2 quotes from the book have stuck with me,

… a man knocking at his own door, finding someone else opening it, and then seeking permission to enter his own house

I have lost my home, not my humanity

[Source : Paperback]

I’m not much of a designer, but, I am intrigued by design.
White is a book written around the concept of ‘White’, it explores the concept from several different perspectives with themes of emptiness, void, fullness all represented by the same ‘color’.
It’s a short, quite abstract book, written by the art director of Muji.

Lovely read.

[Source : Hardcover]

Someone recently recommended this to me, I hadn’t heard of it.
Somehow, I’ve never read anything by Ramana Maharishi and I decided to fix that.
If white is abstract, this is one of a whole other level.
Written in some of the most difficult tamil I’ve read, even with the helper text.
I needed to use a translation to get through the book.
I think this will require a couple of more re-reads before I truly grasp some of the more ethereal concepts in the text.

[Source : [Online/Various]]

I was gifted this book quite recently.
Interesting book.
Filled with anecdotes about how great teams are formed.
3/5 because it’s not what i would call ground breaking.
In some ways reinforces current ideas for better team building.
The authors story is quite moving and the anecdotes have given me a few more stories that I’d like to read up on.

[Source : Hardcover]

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Thank you for reading what I’m reading