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Reading Update — July’19

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For last months update, please go here.

I read 2 books in July, bringing my total for the year upto 46. Which is one short of my number last year, in some sense, I think I’ve found my healthy pace of reading.

Both books that I read this month were around the theme of politics.

They were:

This is another old book I picked up from this shop called ‘Rare Books’ in Chennai.

I’ve known for a while that G.B. Shaw had controversial political opinions including being supportive of fascism and eugenics, which is weird considering how highly regarded he is in the realm of theatre.

I thought this book would give me an insight or supporting arguments for why he had these opinions.

Unfortunately, this was severely lacking in original thought, I found it merely parroting other peoples opinions without laying a foundation for why such an opinion needs to be considered seriously.

I considered dropping the book several times while reading it but, the hope that there was something better coming kept me going.

That certainly didn’t happen. Was left a little frustrated on reading the book, not only because of my own political and economic viewpoint, but, also it lacking several basic qualities of a political book.

Do not recommend. 2/5

[Source : ‘Rare Books’]

They definitely don’t write autobiographies like this one anymore. Possibly because there aren’t people like Mr. Roosevelt around anymore.

Lengthy, sometimes overtly detailed read.

I have to admit to doing quite a bit of surface reading at times here. What’s most interesting about the book is his description of life in a variety of roles in public service and the stands he had to take at different points in time.

I wouldn’t call it an engaging read, but, definitely interesting for the most part. What an incredible life.

If you’re looking to understanding how modern politics evolved its inner workings of corruption, influence, lobbying etc at its early stages, this is a great book.

Regardless, its always interesting to read people who’ve led interesting lives.

[Source : Gutenberg]

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