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CY 2019 Quarter 2 Review

Published: (4 min read)
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It’s the end of Quarter 2 of 2019 now. It hasn’t been a great quarter in terms of my goals for the year so far. For last quarter’s update, please go here.

I have a total of 21 goals for the year.
I added one sometime during the first three months of the year and have modified it in the past 3 months. So, I still have 21 for the year, one has changed from last quarter.

Here’s how I’ve done on a top level across my categories of goals.

Overall I’m at 42.46% across all my goals, the minimum target was 50% so, I’ve clearly underperformed over the past 3 months and in general, the year as well.

It has been a bit of a tough quarter, I moved back to India from Singapore having failed at starting up with a startup accelerator and I needed some time off to introspect.

The good news is that I think I’ve crossed that bump and hopefully the next 6 months will be much better, starting with today.

Here’s how my habits look.

I had a fantastic few months of reading and I’m now done with 44 books for the year, against a target of 52. More importantly, I’ve read some incredibly insightful philosophy and psychology books that have given me a lot to think about and finally managed to read some fiction books that have been on my list for > 4 years.

I’m in general keeping pace with my other goals, but, I just haven’t made the time to meditate over the past few months and it really shows in my temperament of late, plan to fix that ASAP.

I’ve created little to no time for my hobbies and it shows.
I’m at 33% for the year across my hobbies and one I’ve been neglecting one I picked up last year, Guitar.
The good thing is, with regards to creating content, I’m doing ok, writing has become almost second nature at this point and I started doing a podcast last month, which I plan to continue doing once in a while (if you’d like to do one do get in touch! looking for ideas and people to do this with!)

I do need to allocate more time for my hobbies.

It’s surprising to me that the categories I’m doing best in are the Habit and Discipline goals. Across the goals where I wanted to keep myself disciplined and having CONSTANT VIGILANCE, I’m somehow doing alright.

I’m at 47.25% in this category and though I doubt I’ll get anywhere close to 90% in this because some of these things are out of my control, I am proud of what I’ve achieved with regards to consumption.

I set a target of not consuming more than one hour of passive content per day or a total of 7 hours of passive content per week for atleast 30 weeks this year and I’ve done that for 20 out of the 26 weeks so far this year. It’s something that I’ve done consciously and I think it has helped.

It’s been a bad quarter with regards to my custom goals, or essentially deeply personal goals, which is why 3 of them are hidden here. I’ve gone from around 30% at the end of March to 39% at the end of June which is just not good enough.

So, not much to be said, but, a lot of work to be done here.


I’m at 42.46% overall, 7.54% below 50% which was the minimum required for Q2. My target for Q2 was 61% and I’m way off on that one, so, really need to push myself in the coming 3 months.

It’s been a tough 3 months on the personal front but, I think I’ve crossed that bump. Excited for the rest of the year.

I’m also in the process of ‘productizing’ my google sheet and updates into an app so that anyone can do this if they choose to. I’ve received this request from a couple of people and I’m about a month away from a beta release, so, if you’d like to get a first look in at the product and give feedback, do get in touch.

Thank you for reading