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Reading Update — June’19

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For last months update, please go here.

I didn’t make enough time for reading or writing this month.

While the books that I read were interesting, I ended up reading only 3 books this month, which is a huge drop from my past 3 months of reading. I hope to change that in the coming months.

The books that I read in June were:

A lovely book. Essentially an investigations of the concept of love, a denouncement of the passive ‘falling in love’, and an encouragement of the act of ‘standing in love’.

I wrote a longer post on the topics of love and happiness earlier this month. Definitely recommend the book.

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I was a little disturbed on reading the book. I still need to fact check the claims in the book. The book is essentially Godse’s defence in court during his trial. While I was aware of some of the incidents, the specifics of decisions taken by certain people and mainly Gandhiji were surprising to me. Especially some of the quotes taken out of Gandhi’s speeches.

While I can imagine the arguments posed as points to oppose someone politically, I cannot rationally condone murder through such arguments, but, maybe that’s because murder isn’t a rational act.

I picked this up in the aftermath of the furore around him during the Indian elections. I’m not sure I would recommend the book, but, if you’re curious, go for it.

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Easily among the best fictional books I’ve read. So many references to other books, other authors and to itself, quite a few of which are clues about the book itself.

Set in a 14th century abbey in Italy. It’s a murder mystery and a history and literature lesson wrapped in one.
Beautiful book. Please do read this.

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Thank you for reading what I’m reading