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Moving to Github pages

Published: (1 min read)
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I’m moving this blog over to Github pages from Medium.

I expect to see some problems while I migrate all of this over.

I’m currently in the process of setting the new webpage up at my github pages url. [UPDATE : I’ve now shifted from github pages to gitlab pages because it allowed me to have a private repo for my blog, which I much prefer]

I realised when I was setting up my ‘Now’ page how little control over the appearance and how little customisation I really could do on this blog.

I started out blogging on, then moved to when I wanted to get my own domain now.

I then moved it over to Medium because I found it easier to write over here.

I think I’ve gotten into the habit of writing now and the ‘medium’ no longer matters, I’ll just write anyway. I guess we’ll see once I move this over.

So, I just wanted to put this out there.

Thank you for reading