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quem dixere chaos

Published: (2 min read)
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I wrote a post sometime late last December called Janus

It’s nice to see that things have changed in several ways from back then.
I was pretty down when I wrote that and not in a great place mentally.
I guess I’m in a much better place now all things considered.

The past year has been tough in its own way, because of stuff I decided to take on.

The title of this post is taken from The Creation Myth in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, which I briefly read through earlier this year.
It means ‘Who they called chaos
The myth essentially talks about the creation of the world out of chaos that lays waste.

I think I’ve done reasonably well for myself this year and have come to a better understanding of who I am and what drives me as a person.

I already know that the next year is bound to throw me new unfamiliar challenges because of certain decisions that I am in the process of making. Its quite exciting.

Which is why I’ve decided to use this title. Chaos isn’t bad, or good, it simply is, much as most other things in our lives.

I also realise that life will continue to throw curveballs my way. I’ve accepted that Impermenance (anitya) is a feature of life as we know it.

In the same way that this year started, this year will end, only for another year to start, all too soon or a little too late.

I’m giving myself a B+ for this year, I’m looking forward to the next.

Have a great 2019!