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Some Limericks

Published: (2 min read)
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I’ve been experimenting with poetry writing. One of the things im trying to do is to take a poem format that is meant for emotion ‘x’ and use it in what i think is the exact opposite emotion.

This is what i did in my previous poems, a walk in the nighttime for example is a happy poem that follows the Terza Rima scheme which is meant for sad poems, and to regret with love is a sad one written in the same format as Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas which is a hugely positive poem.

This might be upsetting to people who like classical poem formats etc but, its an experiment thats all.

This one has multiple limericks, multiple themes, some drab, some funny, some sad.

Limericks are usually funny poems, which follow the following pattern,

Line 1 : 10 Syllables : Rhyme A
Line 2: 10 Syllables : Rhyme A
Line 3: 5–7 Syllables : Rhyme B
Line 4: 5–7 Syllables : Rhyme B
Line 5: 10 Syllables : Rhyme A

Here we go,


There was a time when i feared falling
For as a kid i hung by a railing
A fan and a rope
A life with no hope
I let go and i still feared falling

Block of wood

What should i do with a block of wood?
The carpenter said it was no good
Cut it four times
Polish and shine
What should i do with five blocks of wood?


I said, ”Hey economy you’re growing too slow”
Economy said, “if you want me to grow
Taxes should be chopped
Central planning stopped
Thats how you’re going to make me grow”


Boss said “Hey dev! can we use blockchain?”
Pretending that he still had use for his brain
New age tech
Immutability check
At the end of the day, he had to use blockchain


The bureaucrat said her office was productive
The founder said her idea was disruptive
No work got done
No clients were won
When it comes to bullshit, you have to be deductive


I used to think, why cant life be simple
Every day a worry, everyday a wrinkle
Nothing goes as planned
Don’t misunderstand
That’s when i knew, life was always simple

I’ll keep adding to this list over time I think, it’s a pretty neat format, simple enough that you can doodle them.

Thanks for reading