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Some recommended YouTube channels to follow — 3

Published: (1 min read)
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Another post in this series. I’ve been finding some great content and I thought I’d share just 2 more channels this time out.

Screenplay and Storytelling Analysis

This is such a niche category, I did think I would find this interesting in any way. Turns out you just to need to find the right content for this.

Lessons from the Screenplay has some fantastic content, really brings out how movies really are an art form. Love their content.

Thug Notes

This is a playlist on a channel called Wisecrack, it’s a fun take on the traditional Cliff Notes and the last post was in May this year, so maybe there’s more to come?

But, for quick, thug, summaries of classical books, head over to Thug Notes.

Hope this helps you consume better content.