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Reading Update — August’18

Published: (3 min read)
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I had a great month of reading this time out. I read 4 books last month and 2 of them left me with a lot to think about.

I decided to try to make this happen more this time around. I do not intend to read any more books this month, so, I thought I’d get this post out.

Also, I’m done with my target of 52 books for the year. I’m actually now at 53!

I read 6 books this month:

It’s an interesting take on dietary and exercise practices and how one should go about it. I haven’t quite begun putting this into practice yet, it sounds different in theory from a lot of the other advice I’ve read on the topic. Will try to do this before the year is out.

An ex-colleague of mine wrote this book. It’s an great collection of stories of young women in India who have taken their own path while facing the pressures that a modern woman in India faces. I think she’s done an excellent job in bringing the stories to light and getting them to open up. I hadn’t heard of several of them prior to reading the book.

Much like the last month, I ended up reading 2 books from my reading list from last month.

This is what I’m currently reading,