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CY 2018 Quarter 2 Review

Published: (3 min read)
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This is my Quarterly update on my goals for the year.

For last quarter’s update, please go here.

I added another goal to my list over this quarter and have been doing decently on it. So, now I have 19 goals.

One of the feedbacks I received last time out was that the labels on my chart were a little confusing, I’ve decided to add some level of granularity to it this time around. The reason I don’t define it completely here is because I don’t want people to know all my goals just yet.

Telling people about what you’re trying to do can be a bad thing sometimes because the act of telling people can trick our brains into thinking we’ve already done it ( the experience I’ve had is that, if we’re doing something well, telling people helps, if we’re not, it doesn’t )

So, last quarter I focused on 18 goals and I hit 25.18% across all goals.

Couple of things have changed in that since then,

How did I fare in Q2?

By the new methodology of calculation, I had a 26.23% quarter.

I achieved 1.23% more than I had to.

Overall, for H1 2018, I’m at** 50.08%** , barely scraping past the 50% mark required, thanks to herculean efforts over the past couple of weeks!

Here’s the chart at the end of Q2, with a lot more information.

End of Q2 — H1–2018
Doing alright from the looks of it!

There are a few goals that will receive special attention this quarter, Guitar, Guitar Content, Youtube Content, which I’m clearly way behind on, but, I have a feeling I can make the time for it over the next 3 months and move the needle on them.

My weight loss is slightly behind schedule going by the pace of the previous quarter, need to get back on track with that.

I’ve written 22 posts on my blog in Q2, (we’re now in Q3, this post doesn’t count), which is 7 more than the last quarter. My target was one a week, I’m way ahead of that — on average.

I’ve now read 43 books this year, which I’m thrilled about, goal for this was again one a week, way ahead of that, not just on average!

There was a bad habit that I was trying to cut out of my life, I think I’m course to doing that, much better than last quarter and only set to improve from what I can see.

One of my goals for the year was to reach out to a whole bunch of my friends from the past, which I successfully ended up finishing already! I think this is one of those things that we procrastinate inconsiderately on ( well, me anyway ), so, I did it!

Apart from that, things seem to be picking up, this is a less skewed graph than last time out, I had a super productive quarter, I think that is set to continue this time out.

Look forward to some different types of content this time out.

Summary — TL;DR

I’m at 50.08% across all my goals this year.

Doing alright, better looking graph, now to push on to 75% across all goals by the end of September.


Thank you for reading