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Life in the lag lane — 2

Published: (2 min read)
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Part 1 can be found here

It was supposed to be lunchtime.

Alice brushed her skirt down to remove the creases for the fifth time that hour, there were no creases left for the fifth time that hour. The table had an imprint of her palms from when they were on it just a minute ago, the room was slowly closing in on her.

There’s always too much of a wait time or too little, never enough, she thought to herself. She shifted her legs as she imagined her junior walking in with his eyes wide telling her I told you so, it made her mad.

Bob had been right, he’d been right all along.

Her stomach grumbled.

Knock Knock — Wide smile — Hello, Hello

“So, it happened, someone got shot”, Bob said

“Where did it happen? Who did it?”

“We don’t know who did it, we know the driver ran away, but he ran straight to the station to tell them about the blood”

“What about the blood?”

“Nothing special, just blood everywhere. It happened near Daemon road.”

“How did you know this was going to happen?”

“I didn’t, I just knew it was possible”

She bit her lip.

“Now we need to find out if this has happened elsewhere”

She felt the sweat on her palms again, her mind wavered to the perfect meal she once had when she was out meeting a client, that perfect combination of appetizers and dessert.

Jimmy wasn’t an easy person to work for, which was especially hard since he was a hard person to say no to.


“Yes, let’s get this over to Jimmy, we need him in the know. Tell him we need an urgent meeting”


Stupid silence.

She wanted a burger.