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A Walk in the Nighttime

Published: (1 min read)
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A walk in the nighttime, when the world is asleep,
the sound of tomorrow, the stench of today,
the path ahead is empty, while the world is counting sheep,

I look at the stars above, the infinite milky way,
the wonder grows inside me, the power of the unknown,
a lifetime to explore , I’ll waste tonight away,

A whisper in the wind, humanity’s nightly groan,
a smile to my face, my hair left delighted,
the path ahead is mine, mine and mine alone,

I feel the mud below, the night has left it frosted,
the perfect companion, for my lonely quest,
the clearing isn’t empty, the sight leaves me halted,

I run towards the bushes, put my legs to the test,
I feast on natures gifts, isn’t nighttime the best,