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Reading Update — May’18

Published: (5 min read)
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So, I mentioned in last months post that I went kinda nuts, well, I took it further this month.

I ended up reading a total of 14 books, which sounds unreal to me. I think I just enjoyed reading all the books I read, especially the Murkami one.

Here’s the list of books I ended up reading in May.

The book is not about prioritising your life, it actually takes a tangential view to prioritisation and emphases the need to ask the ‘Focusing question’ at multiple levels to arrive at the fundamental truth of what you need to be doing right now. Its an interesting concept, intend to put it into practice and test it out soon.

This is supposed to be the inspiration for the first part of 2001 a space odyssey, which is a book I intend to read, having only watched the movie.

It is witty, hilarious and, an incredibly fun read.

Fun read.

If you’ve made it this far, you should know that the next book is something that was recommended to me and I picked it up later that same week.

It broke my heart to turn the pages, its such a raw emotional read, the last time I felt that when I read a book was when I read Flowers for Algernon and that was fictional.

I told the guy who recommended the book to me that I hated him for doing this me but, at the same time could not thank him enough for doing so.

Please read this book.

Its called Tuesdays with Morrie

That took some time to write, hope no typos have crept in.

Here’s what I’m reading now:

Do leave your recommendations below.