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Some recommended YouTube channels to follow — 2

Published: (1 min read)
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This is a follow up to my previous post on this.

I listed a few channels that focus on 2 topics last time out, Business and History.

This time, I’m going to list a few channels that focus on 2 other topics.

  1. Engineering ( not science )
  2. Philosophy


  1. engineerguy : By far my favourite engineering content focused YouTube channel. This guy makes some of the most amazing and informative content. Kudos.
  2. EngineeringExplained : I’ve not been following this channel for too long, so, I’m just putting that out there, but, they produce good introductory + bite sized consumable content related to engineering.


  1. PhilosophizeThis : YouTube channel maintained by the people who run the podcast with the same name. Lovely content, a little hard to follow sometimes, also makes you want to read up before watching a video. Highly recommended.
  2. Dr. Gregory. B. Sadler : One of the most comprehensive channels I’ve seen. Does a mix of advice/applications (practical) philosophy and educational content, its good fun. Been very useful for me to understand certain topics. Hope this helps you consume better content.