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Reading Update — March’18

Published: (3 min read)
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Like I said last month, I had to up my reading for this month and managed to read 5 books. This was a bit of a challenge considering how much travelling I had to do this month. Totally worth it.

I bought it the week it released but couldn’t read it immediately.

This book was everything I wanted it to be, I could feel the pain through the pages which are narrated in typical dada fashion. A must read book for any cricket lover who wants to understand how Indian cricket became what it is today.

This book however was a bit of a let down, did not find myself enjoying it very much. I’m not quite sure whether it is because the authors style has changed or my expectation of the book was different from reading his previous works.

Lovely introduction to the topic and does a great job of giving the lay of the land while peppering the landscape with arguments.

Books being read right now:

I tend to just pick up books along the way and read it.

If you have any book recommendations please feel free to leave them below.