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Push vs Pull

Published: (2 min read)
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This is a post based on some reflections about January I had today.

I made it a point at the start of the year to push more content out than I’ve ever done before. I have personal targets for this that I’m trying to hit and this is across platforms. I wrote a post earlier this week as well.

The one percent rule

The one percent rule is one of those rules about the internet that basically says that only 1% of users of any platform will create content.

I think there are serious exceptions to this rule in platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat where if my hunch is right, far more than 1% of the users create content on the platform. The rule also says that only 9% of the users of a platform will contribute in ways apart from creating content (likes/claps etc)

90% of all users of a platform tend to ‘lurkers’ or people who just consume content.

I think some of this overflows into real life as well, or maybe its derived from real life, I’m not sure.

The thing is, I’ve been a devout lurker for a long time and doing this meant making a commitment to pushing content out and holding myself accountable for this.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it — Peter Drucker?I always thought this quote was by Peter Drucker, but, apparently there’s a debate as to whether he actually said it.

One of the realisations I’m coming to is that most things in life are full of grey areas. Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about me.

To this end, I decided to measure the hell out of all this, I’ve setup a few trackers to understand how well I’m doing with regards to pushing content out ( hint: not great so far )

However, I’m not measuring :

I’ll be posting an update at the end of Q1 CY-2018 with where I am with my targets.

I look forward to pushing more content out there.