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Some recommended YouTube channels to follow

Published: (2 min read)
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While I have written about shutting out the noise, I do think there is a lot of good content out there.

One of the things I started do a few years ago was actually curate the content I consume rather than follow the feed that it gives me.

I turned off my YouTube search and watch history because I found YouTube recommendations irrelevant more often than not ( read noise )

Then, I searched for good quality original content that is not merely a commentary but focuses on specific topics.

These are some YouTube channels with great content that I’ve found over the past 3 years.

For this post I’ll focus on two topics, Business and History.


  1. Business Casual : This channel releases videos covering different companies, their growth/stagnation/fall or about specific people. I think they product some great quality content.
  2. Company man : This is similar to business casual, but, is a newer channel so the frequency of uploads is much higher. I also think the person behind this is a little more candid with the content, which tends to make it more fun.


  1. Historia Civilis : This is my go to channel whenever I have 30 minutes to kill and want to learn about Roman history. The channel description says ‘Rome freak’ , they’re true to the name. Incredible content, highly recommended.
  2. BazBattles : Tends to more focused on battles in medieval history rather than just events, great content here too. Definitely consume a lot of history related content through this channel.
  3. HistoryBuffs : This is a different take on history related content. This channel takes movies and evaluates them for their historical accuracy. Hope this helps you consume better content.