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Published: (2 min read)
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The past year has been the most troubling I’ve been through. I thought the same a year ago as well. Hah.

There were contrasting themes last year. Professionally life has been on the up and up, personally I’ve lost far more than I’ve gained, even if my weighing machine says otherwise. I think steeling myself and coming back stronger has been a necessity not just a phrase, crazy events in my and the people closest to me’s lives have left me pretty lost in general.

Time is tough to find and I need more time.

Another thing i learned this year is the consequence of monotony.

I’ve often heard that life becomes faster once you grow older, the years get shorter. I think I experienced that and its opposite this year to the extent that I can’t quite tell how long this year was to me.

I’ve spent a lot of time apologizing for things that I cannot take back, I’m reaping what I sowed now, the harvest isn’t great so far.

On the plus side, I read a crazy number of books this year, planning to close the year out with a book reading marathon and get as close as possible to an average of a book a week. So, that’s something.

Enough looking back.

The coming year better get better. I’ve been searching for the silver lining for a while.

Apologies for the dreary and tired theme of this post.

Here’s an accurate representation of me typing this post out at work:

Have a great 2018!