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It’s been a while.

Published: (2 min read)
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I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting anything here since I started.

Pushing this out will make it twelve posts and that counts as one every month of the year incase I don’t end up writing anything else.

To be honest, I don’t really have anything specific I want to write about right now.

The past few months have taken their toll on me, life has, slowly but surely caught up with me.

The next ten days hopefully marks the end of a period of uncertainity, experimentation and general nausea that has been the trope of my 2016.

Being, in general, a realist with an optimistic view on life has helped, but, I’ve had enough.

I’ll be getting started with something new after ten days that I plan to stick to for as long as I can. I’ve learnt quite a bit about myself and my patience over the past few months, I hope to learn far more in my next endeavour.

2016 has left me with no sustained period of good news, so far. I hope that changes for me and for anyone else reading this.

I will be forever grateful to all the people who’ve stuck by me and shouldered my no doubt laborious weight over the past few months.

Onward we go.