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White Text on a Black Blackground

Published: (2 min read)
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I’m thinking of making my Sunday Posts opinion posts, while the other days can involve everything else that I plan on doing.

I’m just psyched I actually managed to write a second post.

This one is about white text on a black background.

Let’s generify this to white text on a dark background.

To take it even further light text on a dark background, although personally, I prefer white text on a dark background and specifically on a black background.

According to me, It simply is the best way to show readable text.

The most famous example, and probably the company that does this the best, is Apple.

I’m not really much of an Apple fan, but, I do love the sight of this :

It’s simple, conveys the message and forces you to be concise.

Take your computer keyboard, I’ll wager that it has white text on a dark background and make more than I’d lose.

Maybe using dark text on a white background is better when you’re writing in paragraphs, but, using slightly darker colors than white on a dark background can give you the same level of readability.

White Text on a Dark background forces you to be simple, forces you to convey exactly what you want to convey, if you cannot be concise with this format you annoy the user.

I’m not quite sure there was a point to this post.

Maybe the point of this post was to make a case for White Text on a Dark/Black background.

Do let me know what you think below.