I’ve had a slow reading month so far. 
I’ve now hit 58 books for the year, last month I read 3.

I read 2 books in October :

  • The Trial — Franz Kafka
    One of the better fictional books I’ve read of late.
    I read this book since I became aware of the term Kafkatrapping
    My only problem with this book is that it ended.

  • Meditations — Marcus Aurelius
    I’ve been exploring Stoicism and I went back to source, I’m still reading a few other books.

While this is in some ways a recollection of thoughts and a little assorted, it offers phenomenal insights into the foundations of this way of living.

Books being read right now :

  • Thirukkural — Thiruvalluvar
  • War and Peace — Leo Tolstoy
  • A way in the world — V.S. Naipaul
  • Ethics — Aristotle
  • Measure what Matters — John Doerr I didn’t finish reading anything of the list.