After the crazy reading I did in April and May, I decided to take it a little slow this time around.

I read 5 books this month. I’m now at 43 books for the year, I read a total of 48 last year, I might cross that number before August is over!

  • Fooled by Randomness — Nassim Nicholas Taleb
    What started a year ago with the chance picking of Black Swan is finally completed. I’ve finally finished reading the Incerto — I actually still have the technical paper left to read but I have a feeling I’m a little illiterate for that.
    Fooled by Randomness was the first book Taleb published in his Incerto series, reading it at the end gave it a different flavor than it would have if I had picked it first. Glad I read through it all, look forward to a detailed Incerto post sometime soon.

  • Greatest Indian Speeches — Nitin Agarwal
    A collection of the some inspiring and important speeches from recent and mythological Indian history. A lovely collection.

  • Made in America — Bill Bryson
    Done with reading my Bill Bryson collection, an author whose writing style I fell in love with on reading ‘A short history of nearly everything’, another enjoyable book, Bryson seems to combine the best things about being American and British and brings out an almost bombastic self-deprecatory style of humor which is lovely.

  • The woman in the window — A.J.Finn
    One of the best thriller books I’ve read in recent past, picked it up because I saw Gillian Flynn (Gone girl, Dark places, Sharp objects ) and Stephen King had left a positive review on the cover and it was totally worth it. Finished it in one sitting, definitely recommend this to fans of the genre.

  • The Gene — Siddhartha Mukherjee
    I pretended to have read this book all through last year when it was being discussed. I was honestly a little surprised at the amount of hype and buzzword-ism it created. I decided to pick it up once the hype went down and I think people have moved on to different buzzwords for now.
    The author neatly ties his own personal story and historical anecdotes with the story of discovery that humanity went through to discover the gene. For a book that talks about the subject I most despised through my schooling, it was gripping almost and left me wanting more. I can see why there was a hype, I hope the hypists actually read the book!

I did read two books from my last months reading list, so, hopefully I’ll continue to do that next month.

Here’s what I’m reading now:

  • American Gods — Neil Gaiman
  • War and Peace — Leo Tolstoy
  • Principles — Ray Dalio
  • Ethics — Aristotle
  • Measure what matters — John Doerr
  • Into Thin Air — Jon Krakauer Thank you for reading

Do leave your recommendations below