Like I said last month, I had to up my reading for this month and managed to read 5 books. This was a bit of a challenge considering how much travelling I had to do this month. Totally worth it.

  • A Century is not Enough — Sourav Ganguly As an ardent dada fan(atic) who pretty much stopped watching cricket once he retired from international cricket, this book was a must read.

I bought it the week it released but couldn’t read it immediately.

This book was everything I wanted it to be, I could feel the pain through the pages which are narrated in typical dada fashion. A must read book for any cricket lover who wants to understand how Indian cricket became what it is today.

  • My Hanuman Chalisa — Devdutt Patnaik I’ve read a few of this authors books and have found them to be interesting. So, when a friend bought the book, I decided to borrow it.

This book however was a bit of a let down, did not find myself enjoying it very much. I’m not quite sure whether it is because the authors style has changed or my expectation of the book was different from reading his previous works.

  • In spite of the Gods — Edward Luce This was a book I borrowed from a colleague a good two months ago but did not get around to reading. It comes across a little biased at times but maybe I’m the one that’s biased. The book also does a good job of satirising the general state of Indian politics from 10 years ago. I was a little disappointed to find some elements of the halo effects on certain people mentioned in the book. Good read.

  • Skin in the Game — Nassim Nicholas Taleb Another ground breaking insightful novel from one of the foremost minds of our times. I just can’t get enough of Taleb’s writings and works. Must read.

  • Philosophy of Mind — Edward Feser Another book I borrowed. I read the introduction to this book in a friends place nearly 3 years ago and noted the title down to read later. Finally got around to this last month and ended but reading it on two train journeys.

Lovely introduction to the topic and does a great job of giving the lay of the land while peppering the landscape with arguments.

Books being read right now:

  • Never split the difference — Christopher Vaz, Tahl Raz
  • Ethics — Aristotle
  • Human Universals — Donald Brown I hardly ever follow my Books being read right now list. I’ll try to this time.

I tend to just pick up books along the way and read it.

If you have any book recommendations please feel free to leave them below.