It’s been a while since I last made a post, so, to sort of create a habit here, I’ve decided to post once in a while about what I’ve read since the last post was made and what I’m reading now.

I’m not planning on adding a review to these books, I’m just going to make some lists at this point, but, in the future if it makes sense to review them, I will do that too.

So, here goes :

Books read since the last post :

  • The Picture of Dorian Grey — Oscar Wilde
  • The Mom Test — Rob Fitzpatrick
  • Eminent Historians — Arun Shourie Currently reading :

  • The Wealth of Nations — Adam Smith
  • Thinking Fast and Slow — Daniel Kahneman
  • A Girl is a Half-Formed Thing — Eimear McBride
  • In Praise of Idlessness — Bertrand Russell Although, I think most of my time will be spent in reading The Wealth of Nations this time around, so, the other three might turn up next time around as well!

Alright, so, that’s that, maybe I’ll start reviewing after a few more posts like this.

Thanks for reading what I’m reading.